Comic Review: G.I. Joe Will Dare

Guest Comic Review

by Token Straight Guy Nicholas Zorro Iway

Title: G.I. Joe #1
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Artwork: Robert Atkins
Cover: Gabriele Dell’Otto, Robert Atkins, Dave Johnson


A new era of G.I. Joe begins in mounting anticipation of the movie release, and it shows. Issue #1 of the new G.I. Joe comic reads like the first act of a summer blockbuster. It starts with a mysterious car-sized metal box of some sort that’s found on a cargo ship in the middle of a trip across the Gulf of Mexico. When the thieving crew discovers it, the box is so pissed off it kills them all and sinks the ship. Before you can say, “Yo Joe!” our potential heroes are revealed: Duke, Beach, Snake-Eyes, Shipwreck and Scarlett, each on their own personal adventure within the mesocosm of the greater G.I. Joe universe. Shipwreck finds the mysterious metal box and brings it back to the Pit. While it seems as though the mysterious Kia-sized metal death box is their primary concern, a greater question floats around the Pit: “Anyone know anything about the name Cobra?” While all this is going on we meet a few familiar faces, including Frost Bite and Dial Tone, who in classic G.I. Joe lore had a mustache…and a penis. But in this comic, she has neither. The story coalesces around G.I Joe trying to figure out who or what Cobra is. The mysterious box may hold the answer and a few surprises as well.

Even though many of my favorite Joes have not been introduced yet, by the quality of the art and the storytelling, I’m confident this series will last long enough after the movie fervor for us to see more of the old gang. Hopefully Backblast, Rock Viper, Stalker and Shock Wave will get their due time on the page over the next few issues, but even if all we get is Grunt, Law and Cloudburst, I‘ll still buy every issue and I‘m sure I‘ll be happy. Plus, I can’t wait to see all those eccentric, but loveable Cobra psychos, too.

For a rating, I give this comic a “Fuck yea!” If you’re a Joe fan, you’ve got to read this thing. Because, you know, reading the comic book is half the battle!

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