FBOTU Comics Week in Review

Here’s a quick and dirty (sometimes filthy) breakdown of what I read this week. Be sure to head over to the Comics Forum and let us know what you’ve been reading!

FBOTU Comic of the Week

The Muppet Show #1 “Kermit’s Story”: It’s so hard to get the Muppet tone and humor right. Roger Langridge does a great job of capturing the spirit of our beloved felt characters; I just wish the artwork was better, especially the character designs of Piggy and Gonzo. 

And the Rest of the Stack

Battle for the Cowl: Azrael #1 “Death’s Dark Knight”: Think of it as The DaVinci Cowl. Ancient secret societies and magic swords and specially selected avatars of evil. Or good. It’s not clear yet. The important thing is that Nightwing makes a cameo.

Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon One-Shot: I’ve been so busy obsessing over Nightwing’s broken heart that I forgot about Commissioner Gordon’s long-standing unrequited crush on the Batman. This book gives him a little closure as he gets to man up and do his job for once.

Battle for the Cowl: Oracle #1 “The Cure”: Could it be that Barbara Gordon has been faking paralysis all this time for attention and good parking spaces?

Dark Reign: The New Avengers #51: Spider-Man outs himself as Peter Parker to his renegade Avengers pals. And, oh yeah, Doctor Strange is back and he’s all effed up and looking for the next Sorcerer Supreme. Tune in to Sorcerer Supreme Idol next week on Fox. Paula really loves Doctor Doom’s spirit and energy.

Doctor Who “The Whispering Gallery”: Great story, great art, great book. Would have made a fantastic episode. David Tennant, how could you leave us?

G.I. Joe #3: Destro is a f***ing hottie! Holy Hasbro! I hope he gives up the shiny mask and maybe takes a long, hot shower in the next issue.

Futurama Comics #42: Fry loses his favorite fossilized pet, and the dog puns ensue. Best line: “But Seymour isn’t a god! Except maybe to dyslexic sibbar.”

The Incredibles #1: The four of them really are fantastic. Oh wait, there’s five, counting Jack-Jack. Standard “oh no, I’m losing my powers” fare, but still entertaining.

Outsiders #16: Will this wacky ragtag band of misfits be able to stop the group of naked immortals determined to rule the world? Yeah, I really shouldn’t have missed the first 15 issues.

Supergirl #18 “Who Is Superwoman?” Part 3: Long story short. We still don’t know who Superwoman is. We know she’s a total bitch, but that’s about it.

Superman #686: Mon-El is now large and in charge and looking exactly like Tom Welling. He and Destro should date. Maybe unwind in the hot tub…

Titans #11 “Contact!”: Another issue where everyone talks about what they might do or say if something actually happened. Lucky for them, nothing ever does.

Uncanny X-Men #507: Shirtless Colossus. Shirtless Magneto. Warren can turn into Doctor Manhattan now. We’re all confused, but the shirtless hotties help. Magneto is a total muscle daddy now. Who knew?

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #4: No ruby slippers, but the continuing adventures of Dorothy and the Friends of Dorothy hearken back to the book’s view of American pragmatism. Fortunately, still pretty gay. 

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