FBOTU to Rain Technological Terror Down Upon Comic-Con

With every convention I attend, I become more savvy and experienced. I always leave with some new idea for how to have a better, more productive experience next time. Later this week, I’ll be trying out a couple of new doodads at Comic-Con, in my never-ending quest to bring you the best (and gayest) coverage I can! First up: Spycam Video Sunglasses. You heard me. SPYCAM VIDEO SUNGLASSES!


Not since Snakes on a Plane or Mega-Shark Vs. Giant Octopus has a name so aptly described the intent of a product. These are sunglasses, with a 3-megapixel video camera built in. The videos they capture are easily downloaded via a USB cable. I gave these bad boys a try at the August FBOTM photo shoot yesterday, and they worked like a charm. It’s not HD, mind you, but it will be a fun way to give folks a fanboy’s eye view of the happenings in San Diego.

Next up, is the Flip Camera.


I’ve had my Flip for a while now, and I love it. I take it with me everywhere. It runs on double-A batteries, has great digital zoom, records two hours of video and the picture quality is extremely good for the camera’s size. I will be documenting most of the convention on this camera, I’m sure.

I had hoped I would get a mini notebook (or netbook) prior to the convention, but alas, it just didn’t happen in time. That would really have pushed me over the geek edge, never to return. Wearing my Spycam Video Sunglasses, aiming my Flip camera, while tapping away on my tiny little laptop. How hot would that have been? I will have to make due with my trusty MacBook, instead, which just looks and feels enormous now that I’ve discovered the tiny alternative. At least its heft still makes it an effective weapon to wield in the event of a fight.

Spycam Video Sunglasses are available at, and the Flip camera is available everywhere. You can get more specs and info at

P.S. I should mention, for legal purposes, that I would never dream of filming anything or anyone without permission. Many, if not all, of the panel discussions forbid recording of any kind. For those, you’ll have to rely on my live blog and Twitter updates.

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