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Masters of the Universe Classics: Tri-Klops (Alternate Bio)

“Evil & Sees Everything…Everything. In Fact, He Saw That Thing You Do. You Know the Thing.”


Real Name: Trivan Klopstein

Trivan Klopstein had just graduated with honors from optometry school when he was recruited by Skeletor at a Learning Annex henchman seminar. Among Trivan’s many accomplishments at Snake Mountain, he was responsible for getting Mer-Man to wear his glasses and for diagnosing Webstor‘s multiple cases of astigmatism. During the final battles of the Great Ironic Transformations, Trivan refused the use of a shoebox and looked directly into an Eternian solar eclipse, rendering him completely blind. It took a while for him to feel his way back to Snake Mountain (because Skeletor wasn’t exactly giving people rides to and from the battle), and even longer to construct a tri-optic visor (because that’s pretty hard, even for someone who’s not completely blind). Taking the name Tri-Klops, much to the dismay of his mother (“What? Trivan Klopstein isn’t good enough to be an Evil Warrior all of a sudden?”), he pledged to use his sinister new tri-optic (which was really tri-mono-optic) vision to help Skeletor to see around rocks…and far-away stuff…and to blow up rocks…and far-away stuff. And did we mention the visor is powered by a crystal stolen from the Trolla Elders in Despondos? And, what the hell, Demo-Man was there.

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