Comics of the Universe: Thingpart is Funnier Than Mary Worth

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I hope you’ve been enjoying Thingpart, our latest Comics of the Universe installment. Author and artist Joey Alison Sayers has been providing comics and commentary for this special feature, and her notes and descriptions are as funny as the strips themselves. Remember, Joey publishes Thingpart on her site every single Wednesday. Be sure to bookmark it and add Thingpart to your online comics reading list, right after Rex Morgan, M.D.Apartment 3G and Mary Worth. God, I love Mary Worth. Meddling, cliché-spewing old bat. Oh, how I long to be invited to a Charterstone pool party just once. Then, if Mary tries to give me the business, I’ll show her what for.

Enjoy Thingpart! More strips and commentaries will be posted next week!

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