FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: DC Nation

How did I manage to buy $40 worth of comics, and there’s not one Marvel title in the bunch?! I drank the DC Kool-Aid, and I can hear Dan Didio chanting, “One of us! One of us!” With apologies to the Marvelettes out there, here’s this week’s all-DC Load. I will pay extra attention to The House of Ideas next week. And, seriously, if you think it’s outrageous that I’m not reading a certain title, please let me know. I am highly suggestible. I jump on bandwagons. I am a fair-weather fan. I am a good-time Charlie. I…forgot what I was talking about. Oh! See you in the Comics Forum! Now, on with the Load:

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Blackest Night: Titans #1: Remember when I was making fun of Titans, because nothing ever happened? Well, shut my mouth! It took the Black Lanterns to shake this group of gloomy guses up a little! The gang is standing around, doing nothing, conveniently talking about all the dead heroes they’ve misunderstood and buried, when who should show up? Yup. Hawk. Dead Hawk. Only, when the Black Lantern ring goes to resurrect him, he’s already got a ring. And he’s already resurrected. Wha-? Someone in Black Lantern HR has some explaining to do. Meanwhile, Beast Boy is mourning the loss of Tara, because that’s what he does for a living. But can I just say that I much prefer when artists draw him as a hottie than as a goofy imp thing? I love it when he’s a hunky little jock, who just happens to be green and have pointy ears. But then, if he’s so hot, why does he have such terrible luck with the ladies? Maybe sucking face with a zombie girl will finally send him running into the arms of Conner or Tim. But the total creepiest, freakiest, ickiest moment of the issue? “Skeeek skeeek skeeek skeeek…” Aigh! I’ll leave it at that. Wait, I can’t. Black Lantern Baby! Run, run for your lives! That’s pretty f**ked up right there.

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