Comics of the Universe: God’s Mistake

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Here’s the problem with comic strips today. There are too many legacy strips. Just because something was cutting edge in 1920 doesn’t mean it has the same impact today. Nostalgia and greed keep our comics pages cluttered with sandwich-inhaling ne’er-do-wells and inexplicably Christian cavemen, when those spaces could be occupied by witty and subversive strips like Thingpart, our current Comics of the Universe selection. It angries up my blood, I tells ya! But newspapers are going the way of the dinosaurs and their newspapers. So it’s just as well you can read Joey Alison Sayers’ work and buy her books online at her official site. But it wouldn’t hurt if you’d write your local newspaper’s comics page editor and your congressperson and say, “Enough with cats who love lasagna and hate Mondays! Bring on Thingpart!”

Read the latest installment of Joey’s favorite strips (with commentary) on the Comics of the Universe page, and read a new Thingpart strip every Wednesday at Joey’s site. And be sure to come back next week for the final installment of our special Thingpart series!

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