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Barbie, Can You Hear Me?


Hello, gorgeous! Look what Mattel has made for all of Barbra‘s boys out there. Coming this December, just in time for the gayest Christmas ever (or Hanukkah, of course), Barbie goes Barbra! Standing 11.5” tall, dressed in Babs’s iconic sailor blouse and black pencil skirt, your little plastic diva is ready to sing on The Ed Sullivan Show, direct Prince of Tides or blog furiously about her political beliefs. Retailing for around $50, we finally have someone to fill the space on the shelf between Dorothy Gale and Cher. Oh my God, they could share clothes! Though, for an added bit of pop culture meta-fun, I might have to put her in Queen Amidala‘s gown and headdress from Episode One. Or Wonder Woman‘s bustier! The playtime possibilities are limitless! You can pre-order her now from

Please, Mattel. Do Dorothy Parker next!

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