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Last-Minute Shopping? Put Your Money Where Your Gay Is!


I know the Human Rights Campaign has turned to the dark side in recent years, often supporting powerful anti-gay incumbents over actual LGBT candidates, but hey! They still put together a heck of a Buyer’s Guide! So, if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, or you’re just curious to see which companies happily take your money, while plotting the demise of you and everyone you love, check out HRC’s 2010 Buying for Equality Guide.

According to the HRC, more businesses than ever rated 100 percent on the HRC Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, through banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, providing benefits for LGBT employees and their families and supporting LGBT equality publicly. I was somewhat alarmed to learn Kenneth Cole only earned a grade of 95, because every shoe in my closet is a Kenneth Cole. Here are a few fanboy-related companies that earned perfect scores:

Apple Barnes & Noble
Best Buy Borders
Costco Dell
Disney Electronic Arts
Gamestop Microsoft
Starbucks Target

Note: Mattel (who I give most of my disposable income to) earned a 95, while competitor Hasbro scored a pathetic 50. So, if you’re standing in the toy aisle, trying to make a decision, go with Mattel. And then write Hasbro a letter and tell them.

See the complete list at Happy shopping!

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