Little San Diego Comic-Con to Get Bigger


Stepping up efforts to keep Comic-Con in San Diego, a land deal has been reached that could pave the way for the expansion of the Convention Center. According to The San Diego Union-Tribue, the proposed expansion calls for “a contiguous third section to be built behind the existing center near the waterfront. It would provide an additional 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, a third ballroom and 100,000 square feet of meeting rooms.” In addition to the expansion, a new hotel would also be erected adjacent to the Center.

Image courtesy of The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Personally, I would love to see a larger exhibitor hall; a separate hall just for artists and small press; and more space for panels and progamming. Maybe even a Fanboys of the Universe cocktail lounge and spa. But a larger convention will also mean more people. That’s good for business, of course, and might alleviate the “sold out” problems attendees currently face. But there are already 130,000 attendees who are always standing between me and the stuff that I want, so the thought of more people makes me want to rest my head on my desk for a while.

Plus, I’m concerned that as soon as Mattel hears about an increase in attendees, they’ll dramatically reduce the number of exclusives they produce, since that would be the most logically evil thing for them to do.

The potential expansion wouldn’t be complete until 2015, so that still leaves plenty of time to enjoy the quaint, small-town feel of the current San Diego Comic-Con. So, what do you all think? More space, more people, more Con. Are we excited? Or scared?

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