TV Recap: Leapin’ Lizards!


“John May”
Warning: Spoilers!

When last we left the V gang, Erica and her estranged hubby Alex Krycek discussed whether or not to tell Tyler the truth about who he really is. It would be cool if “who he really is” is a more interesting character, but I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, Ryan strutted around the mother ship like he owned the place, and Georgie got nabbed by the lizards in order to help Ry escape. In this week’s episode, we get a little backstory on John May. Turns out he’s one of the Final Five! Yes, Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Trucco guest stars as fabled

John Connor

John May. And in case you didn’t know that he’s a loving stepdad to his Earthican son, he has a mug that proudly proclaims he’s the “World’s Best Step Dad”! They show considerable restraint in not doing a slow-mo of the mug crashing to the floor when all heck breaks loose. Back to Tyler, who gets a surprise visit from Lisa the Lizard Princess, who manages to unravel the family’s secrets in about five minutes. (She’s good!) Meanwhile, the Visitors torture poor Georgie to try to get some info out of him. Since they’re aliens, naturally they have little insects to stick inside of him. The alien insect torture device is like the oldest trick in science fiction. And it fails, because Georgie toughs it out, showing the first signs of the triumph of the human spirit that’s been seriously lacking in this show. Yay Georgie!

While Ryan and the gang are saving John May’s cute stepson from Visitor attacks, pregnant Grace is doing a little snooping around the apartment. Note to aliens living in hiding among us: You need to hide your secret alien files better. A safe in the closet is not good enough. You need a freaky alien safe that’s invisible or something. Or keep that stuff off-site! I keep all my secret alien files in an Empire Strikes Back lunchbox in a storage unit in North Hollywood. Damn! Now I’m going to have to move it.

Little Scott Wolf finally stands up to Anna and seemingly agrees to cover her deceptive ass, as long as he’s getting something out of it, too. Then, after Georgie makes the ultimate sacrifice for his friends, Anna relaxes in a nice, warm bath with about a zillion floating lizard eggs. Ew! That is some gross stuff, seriously. My prediction is that those eggs either need human hosts or human food, and that’s why the Live Aboard Program is in high gear. The Visitors are actually turning into pretty cool villains. They’re so mean and conniving that I’m actually starting to cheer them on. Ideally, the show’s creators probably want the audience on the humans’ side, but until the humans start showing some personality, I’m on Team Visitor.

You can watch the “John May” episode of V in its entirety at So, what did you all think? Are you loving the lizards or are they leaving you cold?