Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest: Sizing Up the Competition


You think you have all the time in the world, but the August 15 deadline for the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest will be here before you know it! Entries are already pouring in! To see the entries (and check out the competition), just head on over to Class Comics and behold the impressive lineup of costumes and accessories.

If you’ve ever seen Paul (aka The Gay Comic Geek) in tights at a con, you know bulge control is a major issue. I’m impressed with the variety of ways our costume designers are handling it…the issue, that is. Good work, people! Now, if you haven’t entered yet, it’s time to get busy. All those fabulous prizes aren’t going to win themselves, you know!

Taking part in the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest is easy! Just design a superhero costume for Paul using Patrick Fillion‘s character art, submit your entry by August 15, 2010 and you could win a signed copy of Patrick’s illustration of your design and a BIG LOAD from Class Comics, containing all 43 of their current titles!

There are two categories you can enter: Naughty and Nice. Just head over to the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest page at Class Comics, get the rules, get the art and get started!

P.S. You really, really should check out the entries. There’s an Easter egg on the page that might be of some interest to you. How much interest? Oh, how does 15% sound? Go get it!

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