Help Me, Comic-Con Volunteers, You’re My Only Hope

Prism volunteers are helpful and adorable! Just like you!

San Diego Comic-Con is two weeks away, and I’m TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! Fanboys of the Universe will be exhibiting for the first time EVER at Comic-Con! We’ll be at the Prism Comics booth every single day from 2:00PM until 7:00PM, or until we’re escorted out of the convention center by security, whichever comes first. And by “we,” I mean “me.” Luckily, I’m going to be surrounded by the awesome artists and creators at the Prism booth, so I intend to take advantage of


the opportunity to report all the gossip, shocking revelations and intrigue from the gayest booth at the biggest con on the planet!

And guess what? You can be there, too! Because the event sold out so quickly this year, Prism is in dire need of volunteers to help out! That means you need to already have a badge. If you can help out for an hour or two or more, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. In addition to watching the spectacle that is me attempting to be social, you’ll also get to mingle with sexy and talented creators like Justin Hall, Jon Macy, Ed Luce, Sean-Z and Zan Christensen!

Plus, where do all the gays congragate during the con? At the Prism booth! And who do they all look at with admiration and barely-concealed longing? You, the volunteer at the Prism booth! So, what are you waiting for? Just email Ted at and tell him Chance sent you. Or just email or PM me, and I’ll put you in touch. Heck, I’ll even throw in a FBOTU t-shirt and some swag! So, come join the fun!

Remember, March FBOTM Rafael will be there on Saturday, and I’m making him wear tights. So, you might want to sign up for Saturday afternoon. (I’m just sayin’.)

See you at Comic-Con!

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