Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest: Two Weeks Left!


It’s August 2, people. According to my Speak & Math, that means you only have 13 days left to enter the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest! In case this is news to you, Class Comics and Fanboys of the Universe are conspiring to put Paul (aka the Gay Comic Geek) in a new costume, and it’s up to you to design it! We’ve already had some amazing entries. And by amazing, I mean Not Safe For Work. And by Not Safe For Work, I mean “Oh my God! Look at Paul’s junk!”

Taking part in the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest is easy! Just design a superhero costume for the Gay Comic Geek using comics superstar Patrick Fillion‘s character art, submit your entry by August 15, 2010, and you could win some fabulous prizes! What kind of prizes? How about a signed copy of Patrick’s illustration of your design? How about a BIG LOAD from Class Comics which contains all 43 of their current titles? How about seeing the Gay Comic Geek wear your design in a future FBOTU photo shoot? That’s an insane amount of good stuff!

There are two categories you can enter: Naughty and Nice. Just head over to the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest page at Class Comics, get the rules, get the art and get started!

You know, I just thought of something. Wonder Woman isn’t using her old costume anymore. How would Paul look in a bustier and tiara?

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