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FBOTU Book Club: Return of the Dapper Men

I’m very pleased to announce that our next FBOTU Book Club selection is Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann and Janet Lee. I’m also pleased to announce that the FBOTU Book Club is changing things up a bit. We’re not going to set a deadline or have specific discussion topics. Instead, either I or special guest contributors will be reviewing and sharing books and inviting all of you to read the book and share your own thoughts. No deadlines, no pressures, just sharing and discussing great books.

A beautiful and evokative graphic novel, Return of the Dapper Men tells the story of Anorev, a storybook setting where time has stopped and life has lost all meaning and purpose. The inhabitants of this world are divided into two groups: the children who inhabit an endless subterranean playground and the robots who build and work on the surface. Bridging the strict segregation of the two worlds are a silent robot girl named Zoe and her devoted human friend Ayden. They are different from everyone else, so naturally they have a greater destiny ahead of them. It isn’t long before their whole world changes…when the Dapper Men return to Anorev.

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