Welcome! Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened! (Permanecer sentados, por favor!)


Now I know how proud the Emperor must have felt when the Death Star was completed. “Finally, I shall rule the universe! I hope some stupid kids don’t come along and blow it all up.” The website is up and running and, unlike the emperor, I do hope a lot of people come to visit. Just don’t blow it up, okay? Or if you do, try to copy the Special Edition version of the explosion. I love that ring thing that George added.  Ah, George. Will I ever get to run my fingers through that crazy hair?

If you made it through that paragraph and still know what the heck I’m talking about, then welcome home. Welcome back to the mother ship. Fanboys of the Universe is here to save the day! Is it gay? Oh yeah, totally gay. Are fangirls welcome? Yes, of course. Are fanboys who are transitioning into fangirls welcome? Yes, of course. Are people who like both fanboys and fangirls welcome? Yes, of course. What if you like people of the opposite sex? Well, this is a science fiction/fantasy site, so I suppose anything is possible. Yes, yes. You’re all welcome! Can I talk about my love for superheroes AND their muscles here without fear of reprisal or massive flame attacks? Well, I can’t promise there won’t be flaming, but it will be the good kind. Like Homer says, “I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming!” But all are welcome here, flaming or otherwise.

The gay community is diverse. Like crazy diverse. But if you found your way here, then we all probably have at least one thing in common besides being gay:  we’re fanboys. Geeks, nerds, dorks. You think names can hurt us? After some of the crap we’ve been called for being gay? Bring it on. Like I said, welcome home. So feel free to look around, give it a thorough test drive and sign up for a screen name before someone takes the cool one you want. I’m your host, but the party is for you. Mingle, have a good time, and if you’re like me, you’re already on your third cocktail. Which is the perfect mood and atmosphere to discuss what the hell Prince Adam was thinking when he bought an entire wardrobe of pink vests and purple tights? Adam, really. Pastels?

And, as always, feel free to e-me with any questions, comments, suggestions or lottery numbers.

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