It’s Time to Get Things Started

I picked up Season Three of The Muppet Show yesterday. See how I made that sound so casual? The truth is that I drove to the store specifically to get my hands on Season Three of The Muppet Show yesterday. I’m loving having all of these on DVD. As many times as I’ve seen the show, there are still bits and pieces that I’ve somehow forgotten or were edited out of subsequent broadcasts. Season Three boasts a long list of gay icons to enjoy, too, including Liberace, Gilda Radner, Cheryl Ladd and Lesley Ann Warren. The special features this time around include an instructional video from 1968, featuring Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Jerry Juhl demonstrating the different kinds of puppetry. Also from the vintage file are the Purina dog food commercials featuring Rowlf and Baskerville from the early 60s. There’s also a new short documentary called A Company of Players that could have been three hours long and I wouldn’t have minded. It gives some great background and behind-the-scenes info on the performers and the origin and development of our favorite characters. As I watch each episode, I’ll post some thoughts in the Forum. Because I know the world is just dying to hear my thoughts on this.


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