Introducing: The FBOTU Book Club!

It’s finally here! Fanboys of the Universe presents the first selection in the FBOTU Book Club: Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman! Pictured above, my book buddy J.D. poses with this month’s selection, just so you all get an idea of how big it is. The book, I mean. It’s perfect summer reading material!

Soon I Will Be Invincible tells the story of Doctor Impossible, a supervillain who must escape prison, thwart his enemies and maybe deal with his ex-girlfriend before he can finally enact the perfect scheme to take over the world! In counterpoint, the rest of the story is filled in by Fatale, a powerful, yet complex, female cyborg who has just joined the Champions, a league of heroic superheroes determined to stop Doctor Impossible at all costs! Publishers Weekly writes, “Grossman dabbles in a host of themes—power, greed, fame, the pitfalls of ego—in this engrossing page-turner, broadening the appeal of an already inviting scenario.” Clever, engaging and deliciously witty, Soon reveals the painfully human side of super humans.

Here’s How It Works
Once the month’s selection is announced, you have three weeks to get the book and read it. That means you have until July 9 to read Soon I Will Be Invincible. After July 9, the FBOTU Book Club thread in the Books Forum will be open, so you can take part in an online review and discussion of the book. The thread won’t be open until July 9, so no one will be tempted to post spoilers for those still reading. We will also record a podcast discussion of the book over the weekend of July 12-13. Anyone who has read the book is welcome to participate. You just need Skype and a mic to join in the fun. If you have read this book previously, you are also welcome to join in the online discussion and podcast review.

Free Books!
The book is available in paperback in fine bookstores around the world. You can also order it online at whichever book retailer you prefer. Since we want to start reading right away and get as many people involved as possible, Fanboys of the Universe is giving away free books to the first three members who post in the comments section of this blog entry!

Please PM, e-me or post here if you have any questions! I’ve really been looking forward to this new feature and I hope you all have fun with it!

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