Freaky He-Man Day

Before I ran any other errands today, I sped off to the comic book store to load up on weekend reading. On a whim, I decided to check the boxes of old stuff for He-Man comics. Lo and behold, there I found all three issues of the DC Comics Masters of the Universe mini-series! Only $2 each! Woohoo!

Then, it was off to Target because, you know, it’s a day of the week, so I had to go to Target. There I was looking through Indiana Jones action figures and Camp Rock dolls (WTF?) when I hear as plain as day, “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!” A few aisles over is a big TV playing a promo for the Mike Young Productions’ He-Man DVDs that just came out a few weeks ago.

Two He-Man references in one day?! I came right home and rubbed He-Man’s furry underpants for luck!