Move Over 3-PO, There’s a New Gaybot in Town

For once, you can believe the hype. Wall-E is everything the glowing reviews have been promising and more. Cute enough for the kids, with enough depth for adults, it’s a funny, beautiful, heart-warming movie about friendship, humanity and hope. It tells the tale of a little gay robot named Wall-E, who loves show tunes, dancing and collecting antiques. The only thing missing in Wall-E’s life is a straight female best friend (I won’t use the H word; we’ll call her an alternative lifestyle companion). As soon as Wall-E finds her and starts making her watch Hello Dolly for the millionth time, she’s whisked away and he must embark on an inter-galactic adventure to find her and maybe some fabulous shoes.

So, I fully recommend it. But…and I hesitate to bring it up…I was left feeling slightly empty by the whole thing, and I know it’s strictly a personal issue, not a fault with the film. The film does a pretty good job of delivering a dire warning about living an unsustainable life of excess and waste. Yet…it’s from Disney…who built a corporate empire on merchandising, excess and waste. I love Disney and I’m happy to give them my money whenever they ask and buy whatever plastic bauble they dangle in front of me at Disneyland. But I’m not sure I want my lessons on responsible living coming from them. It’s definitely a Pixar message, but it’s still coming from the Mouse. I mean, upon arriving at the theater, I was given a Wall-E watch in a plastic bag, with instructions that said it was for entertainment purposes only. I didn’t even claim to tell time. I guess that makes it instantly recyclable. Which is sort of earth-friendly, I guess.

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