Games and Gaymers

Warriors Have Feelings, Too

Ever have one of those days where you just want to relax and unwind with a little questing in World of Warcraft? I was already on edge, preparing for my trip to San Diego, preparing for houseguests who are going to visit me, while I’m gone, and generally stressed about stupid stuff from all sides. Then, I’m doing some banking in Stormwind, because there’s no better form of escapism than virtual banking, when all of a sudden a little message pops up: “You have been removed from your guild.” Yeah. I got kicked out of my guild. On a fanboy scale of things that could make you go postal, I feel like this is up there with “I gave away all those old Star Wars toys of yours. You didn’t want them, did you?” What the hell? All I can figure out is that the head of the guild was sending me messages, but I was too busy virtual banking to notice, so he got mad and kicked me out of the guild! Dude, I was banking! I can barely swing my sword without falling down, how am I supposed to bank and chat at the same time?! So now I’m fiercely independent again. And as I shake my gauntlet-covered fist at the misty dawn on Sentinel Hill, I swear to all the elves and orcs and mages that will listen, “I shall never join a guild again!”

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