Warner Bros. Can Suck It

So Warner Bros. has decided to delay the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to July 17, 2009. It had originally been scheduled to open on November 21. The studio justifies this bonehead move by claiming the writer’s strike delayed any other possible big summer releases for next year. First of all, you can never believe anything a movie studio says, so who knows the real reason behind it. But then screenwriter Steve Kloves did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and said, “I’m not going to lie to you. I do have some concern that because the books are over, the anticipation won’t be the same. It would be a complete car crash if no one showed up.” So if execs are worried about the Harry hype fading, why delay the release? Plus, don’t they realize that now that the books are over, the movies are all the fans have to look forward to? The last movie was huge! The final films will be as well. Plus, I finally got to see the teaser trailer for HP and the HBP on the big screen just yesterday and thought, “I can’t wait until November!” Now I have to wait until July 17, which is before Comic-Con. If they were so concerned, why not use Comic-Con to push it?! Oy, they make my scar hurt.

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