Spandex Makes the Man


Those of us of a certain persuasion (i. e. “fanboys”) have always known about the power of comic books and superheroes to inspire and excite us. We’ve held our favorite superheroes up as idols or ideals. But it seems we’re not the only ones.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is currently offering an exhibit called Superheroes: Fashion And Fantasy that examines how superhero images have influenced modern fashion. We’re not just talking haute couture, but even things like the new Speedo swimsuits that helped Michael Phelps and company excel at the Olympics. The exhibit looks at how the unique take on the body in comic books inspires creativity in the real world, from the logos on the chests of superhero costumes to the bizarre and fantastical elements of mutant physiology.

Amanda Christine Miller has a nice and succinct interview with the museum’s curator Andrew Bolton with some examples. There’s also a series of YouTube videos about the exhibit, as well. The exhibit only runs through September 1st, so if you’re in NYC, you better hurry.