Hurricanes Blow…And Totally Suck

And so I’m back…from outer space. Close enough. I’m back from New Orleans. Unfortunately, my Southern Decadence revelry was cut short by some pushy guy named Gustav who I happen to believe is all wet and full of hot air. Luckily, the mandatory evacuation and my harrowing 11-hour car ride didn’t come until after the big fundraiser party where we raffled off the Fanboys of the Universe gift basket! If you recall, we’ve been discussing what sort of stuff to include in the basket over in the Forum. Well, here’s a picture of the final basket items on display. You’ll see we’re strategically located between the Fleshjacks and the Manline bondage gear:


Not pictured are the Mark of Aeacus and Metropolis U t-shirts. They’re in the Batman bag at the time of this photo. Also, I mentioned the other day that DC Comics was going to send me some stuff to include, but I wouldn’t know what exactly until I got to the hotel. I was totally expecting a handful of comics or DVDs. Imagine my utter surprise and shock, when I opened the box and found a Batman Dark Crusader statue and the 3-volume Absolute Sandman Collection! Holy generosity, Batman! I couldn’t cram such mega prizes into my little bag, so they were set up separately and attributed to DC. Check ‘em out:



My undying gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed to the basket. With your help, we raised over $1,500 for Food for Friends, an awesome organization in New Orleans that delivers healthy meals to home-bound people living with HIV/AIDS. After Gustav, they’re going to need more help than ever, so I’m very glad we could help send some cash their way. Finally, as I was sort of expecting, the fellow who actually won the basket was not a fanboy. In fact, he confessed that he didn’t know anything about fanboy culture. However, he did say he was thrilled to win and would definitely be enjoying the contents of our basket. Who knows? Maybe we’ve made a convert! Luckily, the guys who won the statue and the Sandman books were indeed fans and were very excited about their loot! I’m hoping they all find their way to the site. We’re welcoming all Southern Decadence evacuees here at Fanboys of the Universe!

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