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I am not a Barbie collector. I do like 12” figures of various properties, but I’ve never dabbled in the fashion doll genre. I did buy a Glitter ‘n Gold Jem off Ebay a few years ago, but that was mainly to get the cassette tape. I had a 12” Princess Leia growing up, and I always felt bad that she had these gigantic feet and flat, sensible shoes. I wondered if her escape from the Death Star would have been a little more glamorous in heels. But I digress. Sometimes a Barbie comes along that’s silly, or weird or particularly gorgeous and I grow ever more tempted to join the pink parade. Just look at this Vera Wang Barbie from FAO Schwarz.


Usually, I make fun of how expensive this stuff is, but $205 seems pretty reasonable for a Barbie in a Vera Wang gown. Barbie inhabits a fantasy world, and no one does it better. It was just never my fantasy world. I had much more in common with a blonde farm boy on Tattooine than a blonde socialite in a Malibu dreamhouse. The description on FAO says, “Doll cannot stand alone.” So, we have that in common. Especially after a couple of cosmos. Which are pink! So there you go. Maybe I’m a Barbie girl after all!