CBG Comics Offers Gay Comic Readers “A Waste of Time”

In case you’ve been living in a mining freighter in the outer reaches of space for the past couple of years, you might not have noticed that we’re in a bit of a golden age in terms of gay comics. It wasn’t that long ago we had to sneak into back alleys and buy poorly written and crudely drawn panels on brown paper bags from starving, alcoholic artists. But no longer! Now we can walk proudly into our comic book stores and buy our So Super Dupers, our Pride Highs and our Booster Golds from our starving, alcoholic comic mongers. And now, CBG Comics brings us even more! Read on…

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CBG Comics to Publish Rick Worley’s A Waste of Time
CBG Comics, home to the indie comic book series So Super Duper, Reignbow & Dee-Va and Unabashedly Billie, is proud to announce the release of comic creator Rick Worley’s first collection entitled A Waste of Time. A Waste of Time is an umbrella title for a series of comic shorts and strips, occasionally autobiographical and occasionally not, by creator Rick Worley, with the author drawn as a rabbit accompanied by a small cast of other cartoon characters who mostly exist inside his head. Sometimes humorous, sometimes insightful, but always painfully honest (except when it’s all lies), the comic deals with the issues pertinent to being 20-something in this day and age, getting your sh*t together (or not), trying to find love (but more often losing it), trying not to sell out (easier when nobody’s offering to buy what you’re selling), and figuring out just what the hell you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

A Waste of Time makes its illustrious debut at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo (APE) November 1-2 at the CBG Comics table (#557). The book will also be made available on the Prism Comics website, San Francisco’s Whatever… comic book store in the Castro, online comic store, and via the author’s MySpace page, where you can also get a taste of some the fabulous strips featured in this collection. For more info on CBG Comics, visit

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