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Are You a Good Lich? Or a Bad Lich?

World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King Expansion
Guest Review by London, the sexiest WoW babe in all of Azeroth


With the release of Blizzard’s new World of Warcraft expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King, they’ve increased the level cap to 80, and given you a whole new continent to do it in. Northrend is now the place to be with 10 new zones, two of which are devoted to starting areas. While still a bit crowded, it’s nothing compared to the absolute congestion that came with the opening of the Burning Crusade. Personally, I’ve not done much leveling in Northrend; I’d prefer to wait till the crowd dies down a bit. But from what I have seen, the areas there are absolutely gorgeous! Ranging from towering Redwoods in Grizzly Hills to the snow-covered mountains of The Storm Peaks, and even flowing plains of grass in the Borean Tundra. Along with all these new areas is new music. I’ve never been one to play with the sound off, so in Northrend, my ears are especially rewarded with the lovely bits of Celtic-like piano and violin that drift through the areas.

And in the middle of all these wonderful new zones, is Dalaran. In the same way Shattrath City offered sanctuary from the hustle of the Outlands and leveling to 70, Dalaran now provides that service to those leveling to 80. Easier to navigate than Shattrath, Dalaran is a beautiful “Europe meets Middle Eastern Bohemian” city full of bright faces and winding streets. In the middle of the trade and weapon shops are simply charming all-nonsense stores like the toy and pet shops where you can even buy a new mount or two. And speaking of mounts, who in their right mind would not want the new Mekingeer’s Chopper? The only thing Dalaran lacks is an Auction House. If it had one, I’d never leave.



Also included in the Wrath expansion pack is the new Hero Class, Death Knight. The Death Knight class becomes unlocked once you have a character on a server that reaches level 55. The beginning quests for the Death Knight are a wonderful lesson in WoW Lore 101. And they actually made me want to go out and read the lore myself. You start at level 55 and once you finish the quests in the starter area, you find yourself able to become a minion of your chosen faction (Alliance or Horde) once again, and at level 58 you’re ready to go a-questing in the Outlands. Much like a Druid, Paladin or Warrior, the Death Knight plays both tanking and dps (damage per second) very well. The only thing they really can’t do is heal. Because, after all, they are somewhat dead in character. I have even heard of a few groups of Death Knights that have done a five-man dungeon with ease without a healer. But we’ll see how far that goes. There are still many folks (myself included) who have been spoiled by the healing classes.

But I don’t want you thinking that Blizzard is only catering to those who already play the game with high-level characters. There are several new features for those new to World of Warcraft. Each class has been given a new ability or two. The new profession, Inscription, gives a whole new meaning to Herbalism. There’s also the Barbershops, brand new PvP gear, achievements and the Stormwind Harbor for all those Alliance fans out there. Whether you’re a seasoned 70 off to fight the Lich King in Northrend or a newbie to WoW, Wrath of the Lich King offers something for everyone and is certain to have any gamer worth their mettle giddy at the prospect of the many gaming hours to come!

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