Tastes Great; Less Filling: Duff Man Goes Both Ways

If you missed The Simpsons on Sunday, November 16, a throw-away joke seemingly outed yet another Simpsons character! Homer begins a new career as a break-up artist for Springfield’s couples. His ex-roommate Grady from the Three Gays of the Condo episode calls and asks Homer to end his relationship with Julio, because he’s found someone new. Then, guess who gets out of the shower and snaps Grady on the ass with a towel:


Wow! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Here’s the whole clip:

Smithers, Patty, Duff Man. Gay icons of Springfield. The jury is still out on Ralph Wiggum, following his declaration of a new-found interest in boys in The Simpsons Movie. Hopefully, Lenny and Carl will be next!

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