Seasons Greetings from DC Comics

Awww. Look who sent me a holiday card! Our friends at DC Comics! I will have to send them a FBOTU fruitcake. Still no card from Marvel, but then again, they’ve been distant ever since I said the new Hulk looked like porn star Michael Lucas. I will try to make amends in the new year. For now, be sure you buy a lot of DC titles for everyone on your holiday shopping list! They’ve been very kind to us here at FBOTU this year. In addition to letting us attend their party at Comic-Con, they also donated some amazing stuff for the FBOTU gift basket that was auctioned off in New Orleans this year. So please show them some love. I was going to suggest using DC comics as stocking stuffers, but then you’d have to roll them up, which I’m guessing would make collectors cringe. Unless it’s Terror Titans. Then go ahead.


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