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Barbie Gets a New Dream Car…Sponsored by DuPont


You may think I’m going to make a bunch of “backwoods Barbie” jokes here. Like, “Barbie’s dreamhouse is a double-wide” or “Ken is Barbie’s boyfriend and her brother.” But I’m not here to draw gross generalities and stereotypes about Nascar fans. Instead, I just have to wonder who this doll is for, exactly. Female, doll-collecting fans of Nascar? Or are there little girls who think Jeff Gordon is so dreamy, they want a Barbie tribute doll? Or gay guys who think Jeff Gordon is so dreamy, they want a Nascar Barbie? I’m a toy fanatic, and dolls fascinate me, because they were forbidden fruit for this forbidden fruit growing up in rural Oklahoma. So as a toy connoisseur, I obsess over marketing and target audiences for different plastic offerings. Like, when the 2002 He-Man line failed, there was a lot of speculation that kids today just couldn’t accept a hero in a loincloth. And yet, there’s a whole aisle of wrestling figures at the toy store wearing little more than Speedos. So I had to obsess over Nascar Barbie a little bit and wonder who has one on their shelf at home or in their toy box. Maybe no one, because she’s on clearance at Target for $8.73.