DVD Review: That Super 70s Show

DVD Review

by Allen

Title: The All New Superfriends Hour Season 1; Volume 2
Starring: William Woodson, Norman Alden, Michael Bell, Danny Dark, Shannon Farnon
Discs: 2


Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to show some love for the classic interpretation of DC’s beloved heroes for the Saturday Morning crowd. From the 1970’s through 1986, the Superfriends kept us company in one incarnation of the Justice League or another. This particular review takes us back to 1977 for the second volume of the first season of The All New Superfriends Hour. This set continues the adventures presented in season one; volume one, which sees the introduction of the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna. Replacing the teen duo of Wendy and Marvin from earlier versions of the show went over big with kids of that generation, and I have to admit, I love a blue space monkey that carries around a bucket. The core group is back as well consisting of Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman and also features guest spots by other major DC headliners. The show’s format follows an hour-long program, complete with three adventures and special tips for us kids on how to maintain our health, learn magic tricks and practice safety in our everyday lives. Educational and entertaining, could it get any better? I think not.



My favorite guest Justice Leaguer is Atom in a co-starring role with my girl Wonder Woman. I think Ray Palmer is way under-appreciated and it is nice to see him get some screen time outside of the Filmation DC releases. The set also continues the adventures of Rima the Jungle Girl, who actually never appeared in DC comics and was invented as an alternate female presence on the show to Wonder Woman. There are 32 cartoons on two discs that chronicle each action-packed adventure.

Wonder Twin powers activate! The fun duo and their space monkey, Gleek, get their own featurette in The Wonder Twins Phenomenon: Zan and Jayna’s Impact on Pop Culture. This special feature is chock-full of the funny and enduring contributions from a simpler time. Commentary provided by assorted guests from the ranks of Robot Chicken to Tom Root, former Editor-in-Chief of Toyfare magazine. The set is a nice walk down memory lane and a worthy addition to your DVD collection. Like the tag line says on the package, it’s “TRUTH AND JUSTICE THE WAY YOU REMEMBER IT!” So pick up a copy for yourself or for the one you love. It’s the perfect Saturday morning marathon for snuggling and giggling on the couch with the fanboy in your life.