Win a Wii in the FBOTU Happy Anniversa-Wii Trivia Contest!


Okay! This is easy. All you have to do to WIN A FREAKIN’ Wii game console is complete a little trivia quiz. You can find the quiz after the jump. (Just click on Permalink below). Whether you’ve been around for a year, or just joined yesterday, all the answers can be found on this website or by way of a little Google research. So you have a WEEK to WIN A Wii. All entries are due Friday, April 17 at midnight (ET). E-mail your entries to Make sure you include your FBOTU screen name on your entry. All entries with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing. A winner will be selected blindly and announced shortly thereafter. Here’s a quick FAQ on the rules/specifics. Good luck! And thanks for playing!

Q: This is dumb. I already have a Wii.
A: Feel free to sell the Wii or give it to charity. No one will force you to have two Wii game consoles in your home.

Q: I don’t live in the US. Am I eligible?
A: Yes. We will find a way to get you your Wii.

Q: Does the Wii come with any games/controllers?
A: The Wii comes with Wii Sports and one controller.

Q: What if no one gets all the answers correct?
A: Then we’ll include the entries with the most correct answers in the drawing.

Q: Can I win a date with the FBOTM of my choice instead?
A: Nice try.

Q: If we have more questions, what do we do?
A: Just ask. Post your questions here or in the Forum.