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Finally! A Rotta the Hutt Backpack!


Um…yeah. See…what we have here is…okay. Okay, see, in The Clone Wars, Anakin and Ahsoka had to rescue Jabba’s bouncing baby slug, Rotta, and return him to daddy. Ahsoka carried Rotta around in a little backpack for most of the movie. Anakin nicknamed him “Stinky.” And someone, somewhere thought someone, somewhere would like to purchase their very own baby Hutt to carry around. Now, I’ve bought a lot of crazy stuff in my lifetime. I mean, I spent a bundle on the Jem and Friends Dream Tour cassette, and I don’t even own a cassette player. But who is wearing a stuffed baby Hutt on their back?! Who?! Plus, it’s $45.99. I can’t believe anyone would want this thing…so I’m going to order one. Ordinarily, I would just send George a check for $45.99, but I feel like he’s testing me on this one. So be it, then. Come to papa, Rotta!

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