Guest Blog: Geek Dreams (Are Made of This)

Dreamy Pride High author Tommy Roddy shares a page from his dream journal. Enjoy!

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Off and on since childhood, I’ve kept a dream journal. It started out as scribbled text on a notebook, but in these advanced technological times, I now use Google Documents. Reading months-old entries always reveals random elements of REM sleep activity forgotten over time. Of all the entries, my particular favorites are what I call nerdgasm dreams. No, I’m not talking about dreams of our favorite FBOTMs with a “happy ending” (as nice as that would be). Rather, it’s those dreams where various nerdy obsessions join forces in an explosion at the genre factory. Here’s one I had the morning of January 28, 2009, probably courtesy of the huge helping of Chinese take-out I had right before bed…

I’m back in high school, scribbling away on a sheet of paper. Though the school has a generic suburban look, and all the students are in casual ‘90s outfits, the curriculum is straight out of Harry Potter. We’re preparing for our upcoming O.W.L.s, though it’s a little difficult, because the entire building keeps shaking from massive explosions close by.

“What the hell?!”
“Oh, it’s just another zombie invasion.”

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