Free Comic Book Day: Blackest Night #0


The blackest night falls from the skies
The darkness grows as all light dies
We crave your hearts and your demise
By my black hand—the dead shall rise!

And with that sweet little verse, you know things are about to get all f****d up. It’s Free Comic Book Day! Whee! And the most anticipated title of the year is here with a special FREE issue being distributed today! Blackest Night #0 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke is a good intro to the Green Lantern saga and sets up the characters and stakes in the upcoming battle very well. The story begins with Hal Jordan paying his respects at Batman’s grave in the middle of the night. Why not? He reminisces about his turbulent, but sincere relationship with good ol’ Bats, then is suddenly joined by Barry Allen, who knows a thing or two about death and resurrection himself. A brief stroll down memory lane, and through the cemetery, brings the casual reader up to speed on just who has died in the DC Universe and who might be eligible for Black Lantern status. It’s heartfelt and beautifully written, while at the same time being creepy and foreboding. The heroes who have lost their lives were beloved by their teammates. It’s going to be a hell of a shock when they have to fight their reanimated corpses. The book ends with a group shot of each Lantern team, introducing major players and giving stats on powers and weaknesses. The final tableau is a very creepy shot of a group of superhero hands reaching out of their graves. The art will no doubt be studied until the next issue arrives, to try to determine who these hands belong to. A few are easily identifiable, but others will take a bigger comic nerd than I to discern. I can’t wait!

Enjoy Free Comic Book Day! Make sure you visit your local shops and take your friends along. It’s a great time to introduce them to the world of comics fandom! Let us know what your local shops are doing/offering and what you pick up!

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