FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load

It’s been two whole weeks, so I’ve got quite a Load to share with you all. First of all, big thanks to Allen, the Dick to my Bruce, for filling in last week. We might just start rotating the Load amongst contributors, so we can offer a wider range of titles and opinions. For now, here’s a portion of my reading list this week. Feel free to share your own in the comments section or in the Comics Forum.

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Uncanny X-Men #508: Hey, Matt Fraction? Did you get the flowers I sent? Um…I really love your take on X-Men. I love your funny little throw-away lines and your witty descriptions of the characters (i.e. “Logan/Wolverine: Healing factor. Claws. Hirsute.”). And kudos for bringing back Northstar and making him a). dreamy and 2.) not dead yet. Let’s hope he stays “not dead yet” for a long time. It’s also a nice twist to have him concerned that he’s being recruited because he’s gay. So, Matt, how about letting him kiss his boyfriend goodbye before he heads off to become cannon fodder? Thanks! Love ya!

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