Marvel Meets Slim Shady (Dido Not Included)


It’s exciting to see comics giant Marvel on the cutting edge of 10 years ago. Out on newsstands now, the June issue of XXL magazine features the first half of a two-part comic book showcasing Eminem and The Punisher, cleverly titled Eminem/Punisher: Kill You. The story follows the adventures of a scrappy 36-year-old millionaire white kid just trying to rhyme his way off the mean streets of Detroit, when he meets up with deadly vigilante Frank Castle. Part one is out now in XXL, and part two is available at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for free.

Now, here’s Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada‘s candid and unscripted take on the project:
“When we learned that Eminem is a fan and collector of Marvel comics, we could only imagine what would happen if The Punisher and Slim Shady met up in the Marvel Universe. This was a unique partnership and the team had a blast working with Eminem and incorporating the rapper into the Marvel fold.”

Why does he sound like a Skrull? Next up for Marvel: The Punisher Meets The Hoff.

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