FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load

Big Load this week, folks! In fact, I’m beginning to think I might have a problem. In addition to my usual load of comics, I’ve started picking up more and more titles thanks to your recommendations, as well as clever marketing. I’m highly suggestible and notorious for judging books by their covers. Which is how we got this week’s FBOTU Comic of the Week:


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1: Maybe it’s because my own pooch has been acting so strange lately, but I was immediately drawn to the high-flying pets on the cover of this four-part series. “Is The Pet Avengers any good?” I asked Sexy Comics Monger. “Yeah,” he grunted back at me, “and it’s in continuity, too.” Well then, wrap it up, kind sir! It turns out the Avengers and the Fantastic 4 aren’t the only ones looking for the potentially lethal Infinity Gems. Their pets are, too…and they’re succeeding! Joining Medusa’s pooch Lockjaw, we have Throg (Frog of Thunder), the X-Men dragon Lockheed, Falcon’s bird Redwing, Speedball’s feline friend Hairball and Aunt May’s gender-confused dog Ms. Lion. Despite the potential for silliness, the first issue is a great read. At first glance, the artwork evokes the feel of Saturday morning cartoons, yet manages to portray the animal heroes with great expression and nobility. I usually resist cutesy pet stories and movies, but this one is told with enough wit and sincerity to avoid the sentimentality. Plus, it gives me hope that my own dog might actually be sneaking off to save the world when he’s not sleeping 22 hours a day.

(More of the Load after the jump, including a special tribute to Nightwing’s ass!)

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