I walk away from the computer for one evening and come back to find my in box stuffed with emails about Thor! Exciting news, folks! Nikki Finke is reporting that Australian dreamboat Chris Hemsworth has been cast to play the God of Thunder in Kenneth Branagh‘s film adaptation of the Marvel comic. If Chris looks familiar, it’s because he’s currently playing George Kirk, the dreamboat papa of dreamboat Chris Pine in a little movie called Star Trek. Then, as if his fanboy cred wasn’t impressive enough, Hemsworth is currently filming Joss Whedon‘s new horror movie Cabin in the Woods. So, we’re going to be seeing a lot of Chris for some time. No complaints here. Maybe he’ll follow in the footsteps of fellow Aussies Hugh Jackman and Mel Gibson. Well, maybe not Mel.

I’m still holding out hope that site member Johnny M will be cast as Nurse Jane Foster. I will send Branagh a clip of his brilliant performance as the lovelorn nurse.

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