“Make It Work…or Else!”


Tim Gunn, mentor, fashion guru…superhero? On August 26, Marvel will release the first issue in a miniseries called Models Inc. (not to be confused with the campy 90s Melrose spin-off). Models Inc. will feature Spider-Man’s Mary Jane, Patsy Walker (aka Hellcat) and Millicent Collins (aka Millie the Model), as they try to solve the murder of a set designer during New York Fashion Week. And if that weren’t enough to attract the attention of all the gay fanboys out there, Tim Gunn, Mr. Project Runway himself, will not only be making an appearance, but will be saving the day! Apparently, Mr. Gunn will be donning Iron Man’s armor in an act of sartorial bravery.

Out and proud artist Phil Jimenez will be illustrating the special Tim Gunn variant cover, so all the planets are aligning on this one, folks!  But how does Mr. Gunn feel about all this? He tells The NY Times, “I’m not certain of the particulars of how I’ll be portrayed, but I’m really excited about it. To say I’m a character in a comic book is wild!”

Make it work, Tim!

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