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Toy Review: Hot Naked Cosmic Enforcer Action

Zodac, Cosmic Enforcer, is actually a big reason why this site exists. Let me explain. As a gay kid, there was clearly something about a near-naked blonde barbarian that made me feel a little funny. The fact that my He-Man figure was somehow always losing his armor in battle and running around in just his furry underpants should have given even the casual observer some idea that I had a long life of swordplay ahead of me. In my youthful mind, He-Man was the only “naked” character, because of his flesh tone. (This was long before I evolved and came to recognize all the pigment colors of the universe as sexy and beautiful.) I just assumed that, like Man-At-Arms, most characters were wearing bodysuits under their furry underpants. When Zodac came along, I suddenly had another figure that was seemingly naked under his flimsy armor. What Zodac lacked in gimmickry, he made up for in nudity. A few years ago, I had a conversation with a friend about which He-Man figures were hottest when stripped of their armor, and Zodac’s name came up. Despite his evil feet, we agreed that he was up there with He-Man, Fisto and Jitsu. We dared each other to post this observation online, then laughed at the thought. Where could you possibly go to talk about the hotness of MOTU figures…where indeed?


So that’s my long-winded introduction to the latest release in the Masters of the Universe Classics line: Zodac, Cosmic Enforcer. Good ‘ol Zodac. He was such a confusing character in the early days, before the cartoon came along and gave him direction. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, these new Classics figures are a great reminder of how simple and striking the designs of these characters were. Zodac’s red, gray and white color scheme, as well as his helmet, armor and gun, have always given him more of a sci-fi look than his barbaric brethren, which sets him apart perfectly in terms of his character and purpose. The new figure maintains those simple color and design elements, while giving him the updated articulation of the previous releases. Other nods to the original include his flesh-colored gauntlets and, of course, his evil feet. Updates include a slightly more detailed breastplate and little cosmic backpack, a streamlined, more detailed gun, as well as…nail polish? Thank the Fates, there are manicurists out there in the cosmos! They’ve also given Zodac a bit of a spray tan, highlighting his musculature and his super hairy chest (and back, if you’re into that). He’s a great, iconic addition to an already outstanding line! And he’s still a sexy guy, after all these years.

On the FBOTU Scale of Fabulousness, I give Zodac 4 out of 5 “come-hither” emoticons: hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
I would have given him 5, but I’d rather have seen those gauntlets painted white to match his belt. Also, the paint job on his face was a little sloppy for a $20 figure.

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