FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: Going Gonzo

I’m warming up ever so slightly to my new comic book store. First of all, it’s right down the street from where I live, which is nice. And second, the staff actually greeted me warmly today. We’re not on a first-name basis or anything yet, but we’re getting there. Now, for some shocking news. I was reading Marvel‘s Previews catalog on the train this morning (because I’m a fanMAN), and I see that somehow we’re up to issue five of a Pride and Prejudice comic, and I’ve missed it completely?! How is that possible?! Just when I think I’ve got the whole comics thing under control, it turns out I’m missing all the good stuff. Luckily, there’s plenty of good stuff in the Load this week. Please feel free to share your own thoughts and reading lists in the Comics Forum! Now, on with the Load!

FBOTU Comic of the Week



Gotham City Sirens #1: The sisters are doing it for themselves! Catwoman is feeling a little down in the dumps and sees an opportunity for three single gals to move in together and help each other out. The other gals in question are Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. All they need is Sophia, and they’ve got a pretty good remake of The Golden Girls. Ivy is Blanche; Harley is Rose; Selina is Dorothy. It’s perfect! The book itself is not. I wish, wish, wish, wish, wish they had gotten a female writer (or writers) to work on this. What with the T&A shot on the cover and Zatanna’s naked hot tubbing inside, this is definitely a title by boys for boys. (Well, not our kind of boys.) Still, it’s a testament to how appealing these women are that I really do want to see what happens next. Plus, I can’t wait for Harley to tell some St. Olaf stories!

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