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Wow! It’s WoW Pride 2009!

It’s killing me that I missed this. My hunky warrior toon would have been a perfect addition to Proudmoore Pride 2009, an in-game pride festival held on June 20 for gay and gay-friendly fans of World of Warcraft. I had the perfect little outfit he could have worn, too. Grrrr. I’ll know better next year and will get it on my calendar sooner. For anyone else who may have missed all the fun, here’s a quick re-cap from the Horde perspective. The march is first, then the party starts around 2:40 in Booty Bay (of course):

There’s another Horde video here, plus a view from the Alliance side of things here. While it will undoubtedly be viewed (and dismissed) as the height of gay geekery to most, I actually find it kind of moving. To me, it’s pure triumph of the human spirit, and who knows? It may be the only pride festival some people ever get to attend. Well done, gaymers, well done! You can find out more about the Guilds who sponsored the event at their respective sites:

The Spreading Taint
The Stonewall Family

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