Games and Gaymers

Sex, Lies and Power Leveling


I met a handsome fellow at a convention recently and instead of falling back on the tired old “do you come here often” sort of conversation starter, I brought up World of Warcraft. Yes, that’s how I roll. And it worked, because he immediately asked me my class and level. “Warrior, 45,” I replied as ruggedly as possible. Thank the fates I told the truth, because he immediately whipped out his iPhone and plugged my details into an app that allows access to the WoW database of players. “Hm,” he muttered, examining my stats. “This your only character?” And I knew from his tone and subtext exactly what he meant. For someone who’s been playing as long as I have, having one character at level 45 is pretty pathetic. My “cool geek” cover was blown. I was revealed as merely a casual WoW player, a pretender. In that moment of dismissal, my blood boiled and my brain went into overdrive. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill; as God as my witness, I’ll never be out-geeked again!” (More…)

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