And They Say, “He’s So Lucky…He’s a Star…”

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It’s terribly useful having a superhero at a Fanboy of the Month photo shoot. Besides helping with the heavy lifting, July FBOTM Captain Lucky was quite adept at lightning-fast wardrobe changes, holding difficult poses for long periods of time and crushing coal into diamonds. I’m quite looking forward to hanging out with Captain Lucky and the Lucky Legendary team at Comic-Con in a couple of weeks. I’m going to ask them to use their powers to help me collect all the exclusives I need at the con. Or is that tacky?

Now, on to the good stuff! First, if you remember, last week I said I needed to get Captain Lucky’s approval to share his FBOTM Video, because it’s a little bit more revealing than our previous vids. Good news! Superheros are not bound by our archaic notions of modesty, so you can watch the video after the jump! But first:

• Get your free Captain Lucky desktop calendar on the Downloads page.
• Check out the latest shots from Captain Lucky’s photo shoot in the Gallery.
• Read more about Captain Lucky in his bio in the FBOTM Lounge.
• And be sure to check out Captain Lucky’s weekly web comic adventures at

Enough of my admin shenanigans! On to the video!


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