FBOTU Weekly Comics Load: Beyond Batman, Blackest Night and THAT Kiss

Good news! For those of you who have been worried about me leaving Sexy Comics Monger behind and finding a new comics monger (sexy or otherwise), you can now breathe easier. (And thank you for the lovely flowers and cards.) I have handed over my Comics Load reading list to a sweet fellow at ComicSmash, my local comic book store. For the next few months, the Load will be in his hands. Well…the procurement of the books that constitute my list…you know what I mean. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week. Feel free to share your own thoughts and reviews in the Comics Forum. Happy reading!

FBOTU Comic of the Week



Wednesday Comics #1: I’ll just come right out and say it. This is bloody brilliant. What a cool idea! Wednesday Comics is an homage to newspaper comics of old, printed on newsprint, and bigger in size than your standard comic book. I saw a preview issue a few weeks ago and was smitten with the concept. But having the first issue in my hands is a revelation. The art is crisp and lively, and the artists take design risks that would never be allowed in a standard title. Batman is all sepia tones, Wonder Woman is all pastels and Green Lantern is retro 50s cool. And Superman…well, just check out the image above. Superman is lovingly rendered in sensual detail and liberal use of light and shadows. It’s gorgeous. Right now, the writing is in the introductory phase for each of the stories, but the various writers manage to create narration and voices specific to each title. I have to say, though, that the best part is the nostalgia factor. As a kid, I’d spread the newspaper comics pages out on my bed or the floor and study each and every panel carefully. So spreading this issue out and taking it all in, definitely transported me to another time and place. I can’t wait for more issues!

Featured writers include Dave Gibbons, John Arcudi, Neil Gaiman, Dan Didio, Ben Caldwell and Kyle Baker. Artists include Ryan Sook, Lee Bermejo, Jared Fletcher, Amanda Conner, Jose Luiz-Garcia Lopez and Kevin Nowlan.

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