FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: Nighty Night

It seems like months ago that we first started down the path towards Blackest Night. Wait, it was months ago. But now it’s finally here! If that weren’t exciting enough, my new comics monger (whom I haven’t given a nickname yet—Cutie Comics Monger? Hunky Comics Monger?—I’ll give it some more thought…) presented me with a super cool Black Lantern ring! I’ve been wearing it all day and am seriously considering never taking it off. I hope you all got rings with your comics yesterday. Let us know, and be sure to give us the scoop on what you’re reading this week, as well. You can comment here or over in the Comics Forum. Now, on with this week’s Load:

FBOTU Comic of the Week



Blackest Night #1: If you recall, last week I was wondering how this title could get any creepier, what with the zombies and the vomiting smurfs. Well, I spoke too soon, of course, because this issue begins with Black Hand licking the—I don’t know—cartilage or maybe cobwebs off of Bruce Wayne’s skull. That panel’s going to make a nice Christmas card. This series is starting off very promising from a philosophical point of view. So many of the characters in the DC Universe have caused death, witnessed death or even experienced death themselves, but do they ever talk about it? Do they ever ponder the bigger questions about the meaning of life, the inevitability of death, and the ramifications of being so easily resurrected in many cases? What any of this has to do with the Green Lanterns and the Rainbow War, we’ve yet to discover. Hopefully, Geoff Johns will keep asking the tough questions. And hopefully, artists Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert will keep giving us lovely views of superhero undercarriages like this one:



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