Pepsi + Electronics = Tears


I’ve never had any problem admitting that I’m completely dependent upon technology. Why deny it? My cell phone and my laptop accompany me everywhere, even on vacation. And even if I weren’t working on FBOTU, I’d still be surfing the net and making a nuisance of myself in cyberspace. Since my gadgets and gizmos follow me everywhere, they are in constant peril, just like me. And that’s how I accidentally destroyed my Macbook this past weekend.

Apparently, it’s a bad idea to spill Wild Cherry Pepsi into the keyboard of a laptop. My heartbreaking scream ‘twas heard ‘round the world. I unplugged it, popped the battery and turned it upside down almost immediately. But alas, I was finally and cruelly punished for drinking sugary sodas instead of water. My poor Mac will start up, run for a few minutes, but then shuts down with an exasperated sigh. Thus began my long day’s journey into night. My dark night of the soul. My summer of the monkeys. For three days, I’ve been without a computer, checking my email and trying to keep up with the site on my cell phone. I have newfound respect for crack addicts, trying to come down off their addiction. Sweet Jebus, how did I ever function without a computer?

I loved my Macbook. It was white, with a cool metallic blue skin and a Luke Skywalker sticker on the casing. It’s traveled all over the country with me, to comic book conventions, business trips, vacations. It’s put up with my blogging, my World of Warcraft-ing and the shocking number of Sam Jones and Dolph Lundgren photos stashed on my hard drive. I’m sending it off to the Mac hospital to see what can be done. I’ve started researching possible replacements, but I’m holding out hope that my machine will recover from its Pepsi overdose. Meanwhile, after a weekend of listening to me whine and moan like it was the end of the world, Long-Suffering Boyfriend surprised me with a netbook! I’ve been wanting one for a while, convinced that I could be even more productive if I had an even smaller laptop that I could take everywhere a bulky laptop couldn’t go…like…you know…really small places. And it is small. Super small. In fact, my hands look positively monstrous jabbing at the tiny keyboard. It’s like the Hulk mashing buttons, trying to update his Facebook page.

Now, here’s the only photo I have of my dearly departed Macbook, gently warming and concealing December FBOTM Trenton‘s junk during his photo shoot. A moment of silence, please.