FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load: Blackest Night Is All F****d Up

We have about a zillion comics to cover this week, and I’m all kinds of freaked out over our Comic of the Week, so let’s get started. Be sure to share your own reading lists and reviews here or in the Comics Forum.

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Batman: Blackest Night #1: Holy crap, Batman! I can’t think of a time when I’ve been so freaked out over a comic book storyline. I mean, everything that Bruce and Dick and Tim are is based on the death of their parents. Their f****d up lives, their love for each other, their raison d’être. What does it all mean if their parents are zombies and, you know, right over there. I know Blackest Night #2 is the big news this week, but it’s always the inter-personal relationships that get to me, the character stuff. And, once again, Batman delivers. The confrontation with the Graysons, the Drakes and their spandex-clad sons is going to be devastating. But, Jebus help DC if they kill either of those boys. I had a very creepy premonition that all of this, Final Crisis, Bruce’s disappearance, Dick’s rise to stardom…is all leading to Dick’s death and Bruce’s return. I issue this warning now. I will stop reading DC if they kill Dick.

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