Everybody Loves a Megamix!

If you love the Fanboys of the Universe theme (and how could you not?), you’ll be happy to know it was composed by our very own Johnny M and that you can check out a great sampling of some of his other work in this special Johnny M Megamix on YouTube!

Bold, evocative and full of energy, Johnny M’s compositions will transport you. “Shiva” is a personal favorite. It’s on my gym and yoga playlists. And don’t tell Johnny, but intimate relations have been had to the tune of “With Joanna Lumley as Jessica.” Johnny’s recent release, Riddle, is available on iTunes. So, let’s give away a couple of copies! The first two music lovers who write “Riddle Me This” in the comments section of this post will get a FREE copy of Johnny’s album!

You can learn more about Johnny and his music on his MySpace page. Enjoy!

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